Com- means "together, with"
Think of community, commune, commit...competition.
Somehow it always seems to come to that, that angsty winner/loser version of competing where no one actually wins anything better than a false sense of superiority or worse than not measuring up to some arbitrary standard lasting only for a moment.

I've had a pretty decent record when it comes to competitions- I get very competitive with all that adrenaline flowing, I can't deny. But I only feel it in games (aka playtime, diversions- won by strength, skill, luck). I never was into competitions when it comes to who we are- who looks/smells/wears better anything, who gets who to sit with them, who is ahead in any particular form of measurement...

It makes me sad to read blogs and posts and hear and see the competitions among those I love. Exceptionally sad when I am part of that competition without having entered it. At a total loss when anyone thinks I have won.
For surely I have indeed won- by any measure I care to use I have the best of everything I desire. But I desire the same for everyone.

Define your own desires- not the desires presented to you by others incapable of living in peace, ever running after that elusive prize of having "won."

And know that you have little say in your attainment of those desires. Games are won by strength, skill, and luck! Desires are granted by a God who exists outside this petty competition we have created to enslave ourselves. The real prize is to be free.

Com + pete = together, with + aim, seek in the original Latin.
I wonder if competition is available in some pure form that idealistic capitalists once believed in- one that provided mutual benefit because all were aiming together, seeking with their fellows. That is the only kind I am interested in. Unless, of course, there happens to be a boggle board around- or a willing arm to wrestle- dartboard?


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