So Little Time

According to a plethora of sources, I should need an hour (or less!) per day to complete my child’s kindergarten studies. I’m not sure whether to laugh at the absurdity or weep for all the children whose parents are giving them so little. Perhaps I should also weep for the parents who believe an hour is all they can handle, all their children deserve, or even worth their time. Small wonder that homeschooling is scoffed at.

My daughter wakes up asking me when we're going to start (even on the weekend). Once we get into it, it really is hard to stop- she's a sponge and I'm a faucet! What we need is more time, not less. Except for that one day...we had been doing so much, I think she needed a day of something different while her brain caught up. Hooray, homeschooling! I can give her what she needs every day, maximizing her progress while minimizing her stress.
(Sure, this isn't what happens in the average, low-paying job. But why is it that we want our children to start hating life earlier and earlier instead of learning to use their creativity to do something that nourishes their mind and spirit?)


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