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To Learn is To Question

My oldest is about to be in fourth grade, the year when North Carolina school children study the state they live in.  As with most subjects, I find my knowledge lacking and no single, clear, comprehensive source of information.

What to do?

Study NC using a variety of texts, of course, and then get out there and see it, schlep around museums, and make my own journal about it all.
Just as I discovered in grad school, research using a variety of texts creates the best overall picture- no single source is cutting it for me.
And just as I learned in studying world history, I need a basic framework in place before I can add depth or remember specifics.

Forget the wordy "adult" books and bring on the K-6 texts!

More on this later in the summer...

In the meantime, I woke up thinking about the Universe (aka Space) unit that we did this past year and what that study taught me about the acquisition and application of knowledge.

Historians, scientists, and scholars get it wrong!

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